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The ABC Armlock & Gablelock are Patented Devices No.GB2399832, all Design Rights Reserved and are manufactured, sold and distributed under licence.


Used as a retrofitted system to provide lateral restraint to walls, the ABC Armlock is fixed to the external wall with a suitable anchor, such as the Cintec system, and the Armlock is simply secured to the side of the two adjacent joists with coach screws or bolts. The ABC Armlock has been load tested to 10kN tensile load without any observed affects upon the device.

No matter what spacing the joists are set at, up to a maximum of 500mm, the ABC Armlock will fit.
Additionally, the joist fixing is set back from the end of the joist, thereby avoiding any soft timber which may exist adjacent to the wall.

This creates a mechanical connection with the floor plate. The floor coverings, such as plywood, chipboard or other boarding, must be screwed to the joists. Having done this the floor acts as a diaphram and provides restraint to the wall. A qualified structural engineer should be consulted in all cases of structural defects.
ABC Armlocklateral restraint device

The Gablelock is used when the joists are parallel to the wall requiring restraint. If the joists are of insufficient depth to permit a restraint anchor to be drilled through them, the GABLELOCK is the answer. Using a stud anchor, like the ABC ARMLOCK, the GABLELOCK sits over the joists and uses the first two joists as the top and bottom members of a lattice beam laid flat.


The ABC Armlock & Gablelock are manufactured to the highest standards and are made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel.

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